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Generate multiple product descriptions in over 40 languages

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Creaitor's Bulk Processing Tool is a powerful solution designed to generate multiple product descriptions in over 40 languages within minutes. With this tool, you can easily create unique, high-quality descriptions for your products without the need for manual translation or content creation.

Here's how it works:

Prepare Your Product Data

The bulk processor allows you to upload a spreadsheet containing basic information and characteristics about any number of products you wish to process. The spreadsheet should contain a series of columns with product input and the first row should contain the label of the column (or name of the product feature):

The input columns (shown above) will be followed by the output columns, which we recommend you also label with the intended output language for easier referencing:

That's it! Now you're ready to create great product descriptions.

Upload your File

  1. Go to Creaitor's Bulk Processor and start a new processing run.

  2. Drag and drop or upload your file to the indicated field.

  3. Once the upload is complete you'll need to select an AI Assistant that you want to apply to the data.

  4. Click "Next" to prepare the processing.

Map Inputs & Outputs

  1. Select all fields you want to include as input for the processing

  2. Map the output field for the default language (in this case English)

  3. Add any additional languages you want to generate the content in.

  4. And voilà!

You can now download the spreadsheet filled with multilingual product descriptions.

Still not Clear?

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial:

Download our Example Sheet

Feel free to use our example sheet to get you started:

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