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How to for Team Members
How to for Team Members

You can work in your team with several members and collaborate together.

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Add Team Member

Go to Account > Settings and scroll down to "Add Team Member"

Please provide the email address of the person you would like to add to this team.

After you have invited the team members, you will find an overview of the pending users.

Pending Team Inivations

Team Members Overview

You can also see a list of all members, who have joined your team.

How many team members can I invite in my Team?

The maximum number of team members is 5. We plan to allow you to add more team members in the future.

How can an invited user join the new team?

After the invitation has been sent, you'll receive an E-Mail with the team invitation. After accept or creating account, you can go to Account and then to the "switch team" section. There you can switch between the teams, or if you want, you can also create a new team.

Who manages the credits?

The team owner manages the account and also the credits. Under Team Settings you can see who the Team Owner and Team Members are.

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