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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, Freequently Asked Questions

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We have collected the most common questions from our community and in order
to share best practice with our users, the FAQs have been generated out of your requests:


Do you have a one click blog or Long Form Blog?

Is Creaitor also able to write long blog articles?

Is there a content extender function? Like I have a short story generated, but want to make it longer?

Is there a way after I do the outline, to use your tool helping me writing the entire text of the script?

I am just wondering if there is an option to write blogs of 1000+ words?

A: We are currently working on the blog wizard feature. Then you can create a full blog with one click which is longer.

Meanwhile you can already create an outline and then post that into the blog body description which will end up in a blog article.
You can do that in the editor, when you click on a new line.

How do I know which of my team members created the AI output?

Is there a way to name the blog output so it don't just say "blog body"

A: Not yet but it's a good idea. You are welcome to submit it as an idea here:

If applicable we will inform our clients once implemented.

In the blog generated texts I need to correct words, phrases etc. Can i edit your blog?

A: At the moment you cannot edit itself in the generated texts, however you can copy paste them to an editor and then work with and edit the text to your convenience.

You are welcome to submit it as an idea here:

If applicable we will inform our clients once implemented.

When can we expect new functions?

A: We are for example now working on the blog wizard which you might looking for. This will be released in Q1.


Is all the content that is generated plagiarism free?

A: Basically, every text is newly generated. However, it can happen that certain text passages are classified as plagiarized. The smaller a sentence is, the higher the probability.

As it is generated text, it can have parts of text that might be detected as plagiarism. We will soon implement a tool for helping to check.

Can I export the output?

A: Yes you will have the possibility to export the output by either:

  • Copying the output to your clipboard for further usage.

  • Generating a pdf document with the text from the editor.

  • Safing the generated images from the image editor to your device.

Will the 1.000 character limit stay when you become premium subscriber? Because i have larger text that need to be re-written e.g. 3.000 characters. Would be nice if this can be done in one time.

A: Yes at the moment the character limitation is up to 1.000 characters, however do we consider to increase it in the future.

When i copy and paste text into the editor, the "Write more" button disappears.
Why is this?

A: The write more function shows up again if you click on a new line.

Is the generated text original and unique? Meaning if a competitor uses the same tool, by setting the same theme, the text generated will not be identical?

A: Every text generated is unique and will be created new everytime you request an output from the AI.


I would like to report a server error / bug!

A: We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We'll share this report with our product team so they can investigate. Please report bugs/errors over the support chat function.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send us another message in the chat form.

I am unable to login as it shows 419 page expired!

A: Try to clear your browsers cache. Looks like there is an issue with your cookies.

The server seems to be down. What can I do?

The remove team member feature is not functioning. What can I do?

A: Apologize for the inconvenice experienced with the error occured. Did the error resolve meanwhile?

Please also try the following:
Step 1: Clear your browser cache
Step 2: Refresh the browser page
Step 3: Logout and in again

If those steps didn't solve the problem, please let us know if the issue is still remaining.


Can I add more users?

A: We do not yet offer to add more users. So please open up new accounts and subscriptions for adding more users.

How many SERP and images can be used per month?

A: SERP Beater: 100 per month and Images: 1.000 per month.

Does Creaitor support different languages?

A: Yes it does. We support over 46 languages.

You can find a list with our supported languages on

We will also be adding more languages in the future. You can find out more on our roadmap:

Is there also a conversational style modus like in other AI provider tools?

A: We are currently working on this option and will develope our own chat solution which will be released soon.

Is there an open format?

A: Yes, we do have the Open Form and a chat solution will come soon.

I need to regularly summarize various texts and turn all of them into one shorter text. Is that possible with your AI?

A: Yes it is.

Does the Creaitor AI supports fact checking on the outputs?

A: So far we have no fact check feature for the texts generated. Therefore we cannot guarantee it.

Do you have an API?

A: The API is not yet public released. We can put you on the waiting list.

Where do I find the language switcher?

How can I create a content which passes AI detector tools?

A: We currently on that issue, but according to Google, they don't give penalties to AI content as long it gives values to the user.

Is there an option to generate cold emails?

A: Please use the "Creative Letter" Option for it. You will find this tool when you choose the "Writer" function in your dashboard.

Do you have a research tool? Like find me the top 10 quotes about a certain topic?

A: You can use the open form for that.

Is there some reason that bad links are returned systematically?
Some Youtube link say "page no longer exists".

A: Well that's the issue from all AI models. You need check the facts by yourself and the correctness of the links.

Can help with creating personalized content for prospects by analyzing their LinkedIn activity?

A: Unfortunately not. We do not analyze LinkedIn profiles.

Is using DaVinci?

A: Yes we are using DaVinci

I am looking for a way to get options for new product names.
Which tool should I use for this?

A: Please use the AI Assistant which you will find in your cockpit on the left side. When entering "Product Name" the tool for this feature will show up.


What is the difference to other providers?

A: We can offer a variaty of much more features then our competitors, like Editor, Documents, SEO Capabilities and even more. Also, we will soon release our chat.
Furthermore, we are reliable. Nowadays, other providers are often offline and if you want to have no limit there, you will be asked to pay even more subscription fee per month.

Where can I submit new features?

A: Unfortunately we do not support some features at the moment. If we don't support a certain function, but you would like to suggest it for future releases, you are welcome to submit it as an idea here:

If applicable we will inform our clients once implemented.

What is the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) of Creaitor?

A: Fair usage policy

The main meaning of “fair use” is how a normal human user would/could interact with the system.

Generation restrictions (per minute and hour) are in place to discourage automated/robotic activity and protect our and our partners’ services from potential exploitation and abuse. There is no consistent fixed restriction and it’s based on the use cases, with some allowing 3/min and others allowing up to 10/min.

In addition, our AI engine excludes some types of use cases/use behavior and automatically alters specific settings temporarily based on the anomalous, heavy usage pattern.

Any kind of automation, as well as account sharing, is prohibited. If such behavior is detected by the system, you may see a reduction in the quality of spending. If the abuse detection persists, it may lead to account termination without the right to a refund.

Likewise, any use of the team-based users, which is not in the sense of an effective team and such cooperation is prohibited. Misuse such as resale of user seats, parts or the like will result in the account being blocked.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers to it?

A: Please check out our Features and Integrations section to get answers to most of your questions:

I really like Creaitor. How can I support you?

A: We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to leave a positive review on AppSumo or Trustpilot.

Reviews are a great way for us to get feedback from our customers and they help us to continuously improve our product/service. They can also help other customers make more informed decisions about our product/service.

And with our AI assistant "Product Review" it really only takes a few minutes ;-)

We thank you for your time and support.

Link to TrustPilot:

Continue to have fun with

Why does it sometimes takes a while before the customer support gets back to me?

A: We are always very sorry for a delayed answer, but we currently have a high volume on customer support requests.
Every request is important for us and we always answer in person and think about the submitted request. So please allow us some time to get back to you.

Does this software have to be downloaded on my computer or is it cloud based?
Can I use this software on multiple computers?
Will this software slow down my computer?

A: You don't have to download the software. It is cloud based yes. You can use it on multiple computers and it will not slow down your computer.

Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program! We would be happy to have you as an affiliate and recommend to your followers. Please sign up here for our affiliate program:


Where do I find the image generator function?

A: The image generator is available as Add-On in every subscription plan we have for additional 19 USD per month.

Can you generate images in landscape or other formats then square format with the image generator?

A: Currently all AI images are generated in square format however can you submit this as a feature request and maybe in the future we are able to offer also other dimensions.

Please submit new feature requests to:

Why do I get errors in the image AI function?

A: Make sure to not use any inappropriate content requests that are violating the content policy. Avoid politic persons or nudity requests. Otherwise the server will show you an error message.

Is the image generator only base on Dall-E?
If so, do you plan to add another AI model?

A: Yes, but we are constantly looking out for new technologies. In our tests, stable diffusion wasn't really better.

How can I influence the outcome of an AI image?

Our AI image genrator is based on a highly developed technique, however depends on the quality of the input from the user itself. If you have reference pictures you would like to use, you can also benefit from Reverse Engineering tools such like a CLIP-Interrogator

How many images can I generate?

A: The limits are 1000 per month

Can i use the generated AI art commercially?

Who owns the copyright for images generated?

Do you have documentation that says that you can use the AI art commercially and there are no copyright infringements?

A: Yes, you can use AI-generated art commercially.

The images are generated and are therefore loyalty-free.

We refer here to our Terms of Use: "In addition, you may use the text or image generated by the AI for your own purposes."

Can I check the remaining images that I can generate under my monthly subscription?

A: We will implement this chart soon. Currently it's not visible.

However the limits are 1000 per month.


How long does a subscription last?

A: Each subscription can be cancelled by the end of a month

How can I get the image generator? In which subscription is the Image Generator included?

A: The image generator is available as Add-On in every subscription plan we have for 19 Dollar per Month

I experience problems with my payment method. What can I do?

A: Mostly the payment provider left us this message:
"This customer's payment attempts have been rejected by their bank."
Please ask them to contact their bank directly to get more information.
Please make sure to have sufficient balance on your accounts.

I just got my next payment but I was thinking to cancel the subscription today!

It is any change you can cancel it and get a refund?
I don't need it anymore and I am not going to use it.

A: Unfortunately according to our terms we can not provide a refund. Please find the terms you accepted here:

We do have a free 3 days trial with all features and on top of that a forever free plan. So when you decide to buy, you had enough possibilities to try first out.

Also, it's a monthly contract, so you can cancel every month, but when you miss the deadline before it get's renewed, then it's like on every subscription around the world and you have to wait until the subscription ends.

I've just used my credits up for my free trial. How many credits do I need monthly?
I'm about to upgrade

A: It depends how often you will need it. In your billing, you can see how much you used.
You also could start lower and upgrade afterwards.

How can I see how many credits I have used?

A: To find out how many characters you have used from your subscription, you can go to the billing section under settings. If you would like to add more credits you can also do this here.

Do you have coupon codes?

A: At the moment we do not offer coupon codes. But we still hope that you will decide for one of our subscription plans. Many thanks in advance.

Also no coupon code is required for registration. Sometimes we have special promotions where you can add a coupon code. Stay in touch with us and follow us on our channels and maybe there will be the next action soon.

I wanted to sign up to the free plan but only seem offered paid plans after my trial ends in 3 days.

A: The free plan comes automatically. So if you did not choose a paid plan, you are automatically on the free plan.

I’m trying to decide what plan is best for me

A: Please find a brief overview of all features of our different subscription plans on our website in the "Pricing" section.

I would like to get a plan with unllimted words. Which one would you recommend?

A: Please choose the professional plan for that.

When will my credits automatically refill?

A: The next refill date for your credits is the date in the month when you got your subscription. If you got your subscription on the 15th of a month, it will then refill on the 15th of the following month.
You can find the next refill date under "Settings" - "Billing".

What is the monthly credit limit?

A: Depending on your subscription you have limitations: Basic Plan (100'000 Characters), Standard Plan (300'000 Characters), Professional Plan (unlimited Characters).
However can you always also buy additional credits (100'000 for 9 USD) and add them to your account by going to "Seetings" and then "Billing".

Where do I find the SERP Beater?

A: The SERP Beater is only available for subscribers to the professional plan.
You can upgrade at any time.

How many characters do I have in the trial period?

A: You do have 50'000 characters to test. If you need more, then you need upgrade to a package.

When is my next billing date due? I made an upgrade on the 23th of this month. But the original purchase was on the 12th of this month. So when will my credit card be charged again?

A: The cycle of origin remains. If you got your initial subscription on the 12th of a month, the subscription will also be debited in the future on 12th of each month.

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