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Using The Keyword Research Tool
Using The Keyword Research Tool

Get detailed analysis on keyword clusters

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Creaitor's Keyword Research Tool allows you to easily find the best keywords which you should target in your content. The in-depth analysis performed by our tool will produce a series of keyword clusters with closely related keywords and will give you a thorough understanding of what your target audience is actually searching for on Google.

Here is how it works:

The Keyword Research Dashboard

Understanding the Keyword Research Tool Dashboard.

A - Total keyword researches

These are the total research runs you have completed within the project context you are currently in. You'll find a result list of all these analysis below (D)

B - Total analysed keywords

These are the total amount of keywords analyses within the research runs (A) including all secondary keywords within a cluster.

C - Available credits

Keyword research credits available for your subscription. Each research run will consum 1 keyword credit. You have the option of buying additional keyword credits by selecting "Buy More"

D - Result list

All previous keyword analysis results will be listed here for your future reference.

Start a New Keyword Analysis

After clicking the "New" button, enter the following details to start the analysis:

Keyword - enter the keyword you want to research. We'll help you by searching relevant keywords as you type.

Location - select a search market / country for which you want to perform the analysis.

Language - if the search market supports several languages (i.e Canada, Switzerland) then you can select the language you want to perform the analysis for.

Start the keyword analysis. The analysis can take up to a minute depending on the complexity of the keyword and market. You can follow the progress in the result list.

Keyword Research Results

Once the analysis is complete, click the keyword to open the result page.

The result page of the analysis will display a series of Keyword Clusters.

What is a keyword cluster? Keyword clusters are generated by our AI algorithm based on the initial keyword you submitted for analysis. Each cluster is made up of slight variations of keywords that signal the same search intent of a user. Essentially, we are including variations of the same keyword which we think will lead to the user's desired search result. With that we are expanding the addressable audience of your content.

Detailed Analysis Results

By expanding a chosen Keyword cluster you can expand it to look at the detailed analysis results and edit the keywords contained in the cluster.

The detailed view will provide you information about:

  • The Keywords included in the cluster (you can deselect a secondary keyword if you want to omit it from the cluster.

  • The Competition level you can expect in a given market to rank for a keyword.

  • The average monthly Search Volume

  • A graphical overview of Monthly Searches throughout a calendar year

You also have the option of launching the SERP Beater directly which will take over the keyword details to start writing an SEO article based on that keyword cluster.

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