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Using the Article (Blog) Wizard
Using the Article (Blog) Wizard

Write a high-quality article in minutes with Creaitor's step-by-step wizard

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Writing articles is a crucial part of any content marketing strategy. But it's also one of the most time consuming tasks. I'm going to show you how Creaitor's Blog Wizard can help you generate high-quality articles in minutes with our step by step process.

1 - Select the Guided Wizard

2 - Tell us what you want to Write About

Simply provide a quick brief about the topic you want to write about. Make sure you include enough detail about the topic to indicate intent.

3 - Set Your Title (H1)

Select a suitable title for you article to get started building your blog article.

You can click on a title or drag-and-drop one over to the empty title field.

4 - Build Your Outline

Building your outline is the most important part of the article generation process. This is where you tell your story and orchestrate the flow.

A - Your Working Area

This is where your outline is going to be built up bit by bit - your working area.

B - Generated Outline

On the right hand side of the screen you'll find a series of generate outline paragraphs (H2 + H3s) which you can select or drag to your working area (A) to build your outline.

C - Generated H2 Ideas

If you need more ideas for H2s than in your outline section (B) you can use these generated ideas. You can also select [Generate H2 Ideas] to regenerate the list of ideas. By selecting [Add H2] you can also manually add an H2.

D - Frequently Asked Questions

This section works much like the Headings section (C) and lets you add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your topic to the end of the article. Since users looking for information on a search engine usually do so by asking a question, FAQs are a great well to help your content get discovered.

What are H1, H2 and H3? These simply refer to the different type of hierarchical headings in content and are helpful to organize content.

NEW Edit Headings: In your outline section you'll notice that each heading has 2 tool icons next to each which will allow you to either rephrase or delete an individual heading:

This is what your outline could look like once you've selected all the H2 and H3 ideas:

5 - Editing Your Writing Points

The writing points are the initial stage of content generation. Rather than generate the full article content right away, we provide the author (you) the opportunity to arrange and orchestrate the content before it is fully generated. Writing points give you a brief indication what content will be generated.

There are a series of editorial activities that you can perform here:

  • Rearrange - you can drag and drop any writing point to rearrange it in the article

  • Remove - you can select the delete icon next to any point to delete it

  • Modify - all writing points can be edited by you

  • Add - select [Add Writing Point] to manually add a point

  • Regenerate - select [Regenerate Writing Points] to generate the entire content of a section.

6 - First Draft

The first draft is a look at how the article would look in its final rendition. It includes an Introduction and a Conclusion in addition to the outline sections you've previously added. You are able to regenerate the content of any section individually before finalizing the process.

7 - Finished Article

The final article is outputted to Creaitor's AI Editor and will automatically be saved to My Documents. The Creaitor AI Editor still gives you many tools and features to work on your article. Check out the related article for more details on the AI Editor.

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