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Organize your content creation with Projects

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Projects are used to organize all the output you generate with Creaitor. Think of it as a traditional folder structure to organize files.

Every piece of content you generate, is generated in the context of a project and saved under that project. You can switch projects to generate or access content under a different project.

Pro tip: if you are an agency or a large company that manages different clients / brands, each project can represent a client / brand to keep content generation separate. It also allows you to use a different Brand Voice for each project (client / brand) if your subscription includes this feature.

Below are some instructions on how to use projects.

Where are my projects?

To access the project menu, just click on the current project you're in which is displayed in the left-hand menu

This will bring up a list of all your projects which you can edit or delete. You can also chose to add a new project.

Configuring a Project

Other than assigning a title and a description to the project, editing a project will allow you to set a number of presets:

Brand Identity

Choose which brand identity you wish to use for the content generated under this project.


Set the default creativity level for AI content generation for this project.


Set the default number of outputs the AI Assistants should generate.


Set the default output language for the project. If applicable you will also be also to set the level of formality for a language.

My Projects and Brand Identity

For detailed information on Brand Identities refer to Using Brand Identity / Voice

Each project may have a brand identity assigned to it, which will determine the Brand Voice the AI uses when generating content. Here you can also access the menu to Manage Brand Identities.

Note that depending on your subscription plan you might be limited to a single Brand Identity. Contact support if you need to add more Brand Identities.

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