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Using Brand Identity / Voice
Using Brand Identity / Voice

Creaitor uses your Brand Identity to generate content in your Brand's Voice

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Note: Brand Voice is a new feature which will evolve over time as we gather experience from usage. This is why we are applying your brand identity in a limited capacity to generated output at first. Over time we will increasingly use this identity to shape and influence how output is generated for you.

The Brand Voice feature of represents an innovative tool that empowers companies to consistently express their unique identity across all forms of written communication. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, this feature ensures that every piece of content, whether it's marketing copy, social media updates, or blog articles, aligns with the brand's established tone of voice. This coherence amplifies brand recognition, builds trust with customers, and maintains a coherent brand personality. With's Brand Voice feature, businesses can scale their content creation without sacrificing the quality or individuality of their brand's identity.

Capturing Initial Brand Identity

When you sign up to we guide you through a quick onboarding process that captures some basic information about your business and brand. Key to this process is your brand's website which you are asked to provide. analyzes your website's content to understand what your brand is about, how it speaks to its audience (writing style) and who that audience mainly is. Within seconds, an initial brand identity is captured by us. You can make any adjustments to the settings now or at a later time.

Adjusting a Brand Identity

While usually captures an accurate reflection of your brand's profile based on your website's content, you might want to make some adjustments to the brand identity.

Tone Selection

Tone selection sets the basic tonality applied to your content. We recommend you limit the number of tone selections you apply to a brand identity to 2-3 at most.

Always make sure that the tones are complimentary such as friendly, enthusiastic, optimistic.

Avoid adding contradictory tones such as professional and playful.

If you feel that the output generated is not up to your expectations, try making some changes to the tonalities.

Target Audience

Set the audience that you mainly speak to here. will use this to address your audience in generated content whenever it makes sense.

Keep it simple and only set your primary target audience. If you address many different audiences with different types of content, consider creating multiple brand identities to address different audiences. If your audience is very broad and difficult to define, you can also leave this field blank.

Tonality Settings

Additionally to the tone of voice, you can adjust a series of characteristics of your brand's tonality. Make sure you are consistent with the Tone Selection you set above. Also here, we recommend that you try individual, small adjustments to refine the output generated by

Managing Brand Identities

Depending on your subscription tier, you may be able to manage several brand identities in one account. Regardless of how many brand identities you might have, you can access- and manage them through your Project Menu:

  1. Access the project menu on the left-hand menu in the app


  2. Select the "Edit" option for a given project

  3. Click on the "Manage Brand Identities" link to access all brand identities

Note that each project can have a single brand identity assigned to it. This brand voice will be applied to all content generated under the project it is assigned to.

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