Using the Image Generator Image Generator is an AI Art Generator with multiple methods of AI art generation.

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Creaitor's Image Generator is a powerful tool to generate license free images in virtually infinite styles. From realistic photography to vector illustrations and everything in between, our image generator translates your textual description into a creative masterpiece.

The Basics

It's all about the input you give

Good input will lead to better images. Make sure you describe in as much detail as possible what you would like to achieve. It doesn't matter if you use fluent text or just individual keywords. Don't just describe the image you want, but also add details about color, lighting, mood etc.

Use the provided options

If you are not feeling very creative, just need some inspiration, or want to get into advanced image generation you can use the provided options to influence the style, mood, lighting, etc. of the image. But don't worry, if this seems overwhelming you can skip this part and just stick to a text description in the input field.

Select the number of outputs

Under Settings you can select how many output options should be generated for you. Each output will deduct 1 image credit when using the standard model or 10 image credits per output when using our premium model.

Standard vs. Premium Images

Creaitor features 2 image models to support broad capabilities in image generation. To use the premium model, simply activate the Premium toggle on the bottom left.

Note: Activating the premium model will deduct 10 image credits from your account per output.

Standard Image Generation Model

The standard model has great capabilities and can be used for most image generation needs. It's really good at realistic photography of landscape, city scapes and even people - as well as for a very broad array of artistic images.

Premium Image Generation Model

Our premium model features the newest generation of AI image generation technology and is especially useful for creating images with text in them and a high degree of detail in features such as faces, hands, animals, etc.

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